Month: April 2016

Comment on Televised Youth by Logan Herschbach

I find this post very interesting in that the Soviet’s even allowed unscripted television. No doubt it eventually was censored so much that it was forced to become prerecorded! It appears to be similar to game shows today such as Family Feud.

Comment on Televised Youth by cpenzo

Good post here. I think one of the more powerful statements was the mention of how the ideas of the show “conflict[ed] with the politically correct society of the Soviet 1960s”. Throughout history the Soviet isn’t the only country to try and influence the population in a manner that fits with the societal norms of the time.

Comment on The Soviet Union’s Vietnam War by mikegjormand

Interesting title and strong comparison of events. The invasion of Afghanistan definitely turned out to be much different and difficult than initially anticipated. I think examples like this and the Vietnam War, serve as unpleasant reminders and reasons of concern for leaders of major states today when they are faced with the dilemma of intervening in troublesome regions of the world, such as current situation in Syria.

Comment on Televised Youth by amandarettberg

This was a very interesting post! Like Mitch said I too when reading this post found it amazing that the government would allow this show to be aired do to the fact that it did make fun of the Soviet way of life at times and the show could alter the opinions that viewers had about the socialist society that they were living in. I wonder what if anything would have happened if the show was not cancelled? Do you think it would have created different opinions in the Soviet people or not?

Comment on The Soviet Union’s Vietnam War by Nick Runkel

I find the parallels between the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the U.S.’s invasion fascinating. I will say that I think the U.S’s invasion was justified and the Soviet’s was not, but the issues both had in controlling the country make them seem similar.

Comment on Televised Youth by kendallr

I had no idea that something like this could get by the pilot stage in the USSR. You can see shows like this today in America (SNL, the Daily Show, etc.) that you’d never put in this time period. I just think it’s ironic how Russia has always painted itself as a “nondiscriminatory nation” with races, but yet condemn this one broadcaster for being Jewish. Great post!

Comment on The Soviet Union’s Vietnam War by A. Nelson

Agree! Also a significant error in judgement on the part of the US, which supported the Mujahideen as a counterweight to the Soviets, suggesting that your enemy’s enemy is not always your friend.