Month: March 2017

Comment on Russia Launches Into The Final Frontier by Seth M.

Another important result of the launch of Sputink was the education race that ran parallel to the space race. After the launch, both the U.S. and the Soviet Union began to pump millions of dollars into public education to develop the best scientists and by correlation, defeat the other scientifically. Its cool that you chose to write about this topic. Your post is very interesting and well written.

Comment on Kossuth Rising: Resurgent Nationalism and Counterrevolution. by Seth M.

It is very interesting to me that the Hungarian communists saw the Soviets as the ones who were betraying the revolution. The Russian revolution of 1917 was ostensibly the beginning of an international revolution of the working class that would abolish national boundaries. The nationalistic communism of the Hungarians is the exact opposite of that. I think you did a great job explaining the situation in this post.

Comment on Dachas Dot the Russian Countryside by Seth M.

It’s really interesting to me how they took such a striking symbol of the elite in Russia before the revolution and turned it into something so fundamentally socialist. The fact that they nationalized small summer homes just like they did factories and farms is astounding to me. They then turned these symbols of wealth and influence back over to the people (most of the time), using them in the multitude of ways that you mentioned above. Even though they were separated by class to a degree, I think the nationalization of the dachas was a very interesting part of the socialist experiment.

Comment on Mankind’s Deadliest Weapon: The Hydrogen Bomb by maxmorrison

I think the atomic bomb was the natural progression of arms development so while the world would be better off had it never been made, we cannot undo that now. I think the Soviet Union produced these weapons out of necessity since the United States already possessed them.

Comment on The first crack in the Iron Wall by Jack

Very interesting post. Easy to see that the soviet system was very flawed. Having to use military force to put down people that want independence from you can only show your unpopularity.