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Comment on Tear Down This Blog! by Maria Haas

Ronald Reagan is my favorite POTUS so I really appreciated the shout out to him in your post! This post was so informative! You did a really good job at displaying the domino effect that was the fall of the USSR. Great job!

Comment on Blame it on the A-A-A-Alcohol by Maria Haas

How interesting! This, along with the US prohibition, shows more than anything that we are all just a bunch of drunks.
On a serious note, it is interesting to see how efforts to limit alcohol failed in both countries. It really makes me wonder why. I…

Comment on Problems in Chernobyl by Maria Haas

I also wrote about Chernobyl! I found an article Gorbachev wrote in 2006 where he directly blamed Chernobyl or the fall of the USSR. It had huge economic tolls. It also unleashed investigative journalism. As you mentioned it also made nationalism grow …

Comment on “Bleeding Wound” by Maria Haas

I really appreciate how you tied this situation into things we see today. I recently did a paper on Afghanistan as well in which I noted there has been little progress. It does seem like we have fallen into the same trap as the Soviets did. I also enjoyed the video and the CIA document! Those were awesome finds!

Comment on The Soviet ‘James Bond’ by Maria Haas

This is so cool! Admittedly I have never watched James Bond, I have only heard the name in popular culture. So thank you for noting the differences! This reminds me of how during and after WWII Americans idolized Captain America.

Comment on The Illusion of Khrushchev by Maria Haas

Wow. This really gives you a picture of how Khrushchev dropped the ball. I wrote about how promising he was in the beginning and how he had amazing ideas for liberal reforms. But maybe he took it too far? Waging a war on Orthodoxy and tearing down coun…

Comment on Cosmonauts and Propaganda by Maria Haas

I love this! I wrote about Sputnik last week. I think the Space Race is one of the most interesting periods in history! It’s amazing how the USSR, which was much more backwards than the US, was so ahead of us for so long in the space race. When doing my research last week I noted that the US really didn’t get ahead in the race until 1969 when Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

Comment on Shoot to Kill by Maria Haas

Great post! Very interesting! You’re right, it’s surprising that the US didn’t get involved as this is very much a humanitarian crisis. It seems that Russia (USSR) has a bad history of deadly government force. I am also in a class focusing specifically on the assassination of Czar Alexander II in 1881. Looking at the history of the assassins (The People’s Will) the movement morphed into terrorism only after being met with extreme force by the government.

Comment on The Struggle for Freedom by Maria Haas

I agree with Parker. Such an interesting topic but why did he give in to releasing the prisoners? I can understand his concerns. Why were these people criminals? Propably for good reasons which means you don’t want them on the streets. Perhaps a better idea was to improve the prisoners working conditions.

Comment on Russia Launches Into The Final Frontier by Maria Haas

I also wrote about Sputnik and the Space Race. It’s amazing how the Soviets were about to surpass US technology. As I mentioned in my blog the US really didn’t take the lead in the Space Race until the Apollo astronauts walked on the moon. I really like the second picture you used!