Comment on Problems in Chernobyl by Maria Haas

I also wrote about Chernobyl! I found an article Gorbachev wrote in 2006 where he directly blamed Chernobyl or the fall of the USSR. It had huge economic tolls. It also unleashed investigative journalism. As you mentioned it also made nationalism grow …

Comment on Problems in Chernobyl by Brian Hyde

Great post! I’ve always heard of the terrible effects of the Chernobyl incident but never truly understood what it was like to learn of the disaster inside the USSR from the government. I was surprised to hear that Gorbachev called for both the US and USSR to halt nuclear testing and bring attention to the dangers of nuclear power.

Comment on Chernobyl: The Worst Case Scenario by Brian Nolte

Good Post! I think that this event definitely contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union. It wasn’t just the accident and the damages that hindered the USSR, but it was the lack of trust that resulted. The authorities lied to the public for weeks and when the truth came out, they fundamentally lost the trust that is necessary between a government and the people for a country to function.