Comment on The Warsaw Pact Ends by Brian Nolte

It is very interesting how when the Warsaw Pact was officially dissolved, both communist and non-communist countries voted to dissolve it. It just shows that the political changes were already well underway before this official end. I think it also says a lot about Gorbachev and how he allowed these countries to go democratic, but ultimately it would have happened anyway. The massive amounts of money needed to sustain its military juggernaut meant that its command economy was seriously suffering.

Comment on Shots of Death… or Vodka by Leighann

This was a good post! You had some really interesting links, videos, and charts on here. It is always sad to see the affects of substance abuse affecting people’s and family’s lives. I wasn’t surprised to read that crime rates went up, people have to have their alcohol! I do wonder if Gorbachev looked at the US’s prohibition and used that to frame his ban?

Comment on Sober Up, Comrade! by Leighann

This post was very fun to read, you did a great job. I find it hard to believe that the Russians would ban alcohol, it seemed central to their national identity! Similar to the prohibition here in the states, people always find a way to get their alcohol. That says a lot about how much people want it. You did a good job referencing other sources and other blogs, well done.

Comment on Good Bye USSR by Leighann

Nice post Joe!! I liked the summary you gave here, it was thorough without being too long and stuffy. I, like other classmates, had no idea about the coup against Gorbachev! It wouldn’t be Russian history without a coup or demonstration. Might want to check the spelling of Cold War at the beginning of your second paragraph đŸ™‚