Week 5 – Imagination and Gaming

Praying Mantis on Tinker Cliffs

Many of the posts about assessment this week circled around issues of incentive and motivation (external vs. internal), as well as the various merits and drawbacks of traditional evaluation schemes and regimes. I’m sure we’ll delve much more deeply into the issue of “Outcomes Based Education” (OBE) and the changing ABET standards this evening, and am excited about what that discussion has in store.

Regardless where we end up — and it’s important to remember that reasonable people can see things differently, and that there is no “one size fits all” solution, just revisiting some of the practices and premises we take for granted will benefit our teaching praxis going forward.

Most people do agree that imagination is an essential component of motivation, and next week is all about firing up the imagination for digital learners. Jean Lacoste will be attending the first part of class to share her multi-modal project for teaching a large statistics class. Please have a look at her proposal before you come to class. And for your posts, please read the remaining materials and write about whatever issue (or set of issues) resonates with you the most. This should be an interesting session, and I am eager to read what you have to say.

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