Musing on my Teaching Self

When contemplating this week’s blog post I was suddenly reminded of a True Colors Personality Test that I took as part of my time as a resident assistant during my undergrad. I tied for both green and blue. (If you haven’t taken a True Colors year check out this quick one here: As a … Continue reading Musing on my Teaching Self

Is Grading a Necessary Evil?

In preparation for this week’s discussion, I have decided to post on the question, “Is grading a necessary evil?” In order to answer that question, first you would have to define a “necessary evil”. The Cambridge Dictionary defines a “necessary evil” as something unpleasant that must be accepted in order to achieve a particular result. I, however, … Continue reading Is Grading a Necessary Evil?

Game of Phones

In my secondary and higher education, I had a hard time in lecture-based courses. Not so much with grades because I could read the material myself and understand it as if I paid attention in class, but my problems begin with attention. Like I said, I could read the material, as most classes had assigned … Continue reading Game of Phones

Online learning is not effective learning

If networked learning is the direction for the future of learning, then I believe that it must overcome the same problem that networking has struggled to shed. Networking events have dominated the business and science world as ways for professionals to cultivate productive relationships for future employment or business. Some of the problems of networking are … Continue reading Online learning is not effective learning