Month: April 2018

Comment on Gopnik’s Galore by awpeake12

Really interesting post, especially since I have never heard of Gopniks before. I like how you linked the movement to the Soviet economy of the late 80’s which you said “went from stagnation to deterioration.” I think that these kind of cultural movements are a lot more likely when there is less economic opportunity.

Comment on The Baltic Independence Movement by awpeake12

This post was so informative, I really liked how you connected the independence movements in the Baltic states to Gorbachev’s policies of glasnost and perestroika. It was so cool to learn how these independence movements took on elements of civil disobedience such as the 600-km human chain–must have been quite a sight. I also liked how you included historical background such as the Nazi occupation and the Molotov Ribbentropp Pact. Do you think the counter culture of the 60’s and 70’s against the Vietnam war and segregation in the United States played any part in the Baltic nations adopting their own forms of civil disobedience?

Comment on Lots of Problems with Alcohol by awpeake12

Hey, I really liked your post on Alcohol, a lot of people–including me–wrote about it. I really liked that you included the figures to show just how large of a part of Russia’s economy it was. I also really liked the bit about people being able to use coupons to buy alcohol because I don’t think I saw that when I was writing.

Comment on The Soviet Union- BYOB by Kathryn Schnabel

Nice post! I really like the images you chose. It is interesting to see how ambitious the anti-alcohol campaign was. It is crazy to think about how much it backfired economically. It is a little sad that all of the improvements in health reversed once …

Comment on All the Lies We Cannot See: Operation Infektion and HIV/AIDS in the Soviet Union by kschnabel

I really enjoyed your post! I never knew about Operation Infektion. It is crazy to see how it played into the already frenzied global environment during the epidemic. Thank you for including further reading I am excited to learn more about this topic!

Comment on Nothing More Russian than Vodka…Right? by Brett Mester

I also wondered about the campaigns comparison to the American Prohibiton like Diana! I particularly liked the equation to drinking moonshine. It also scares me how many resorted to drinking perfume or other industrial fluids. I wonder what the health …

Comment on The Sobering Truth by Nhi Nguyen

Phil also wrote about the anti-alcohol campaign. I thought this topic was neat because it is so unique! It seemed like it was a balancing act trying to manage people from becoming alcoholics but also have enough people want alcohol to sell. Did they li…