The Hypocrisy behind Early Soviet Cinema

Leon Trotsky phenomenally described the noticeable flaws in popular cinema in his editorial from Pravda titled “Vodka, the Church, and Cinema”. This article initially describes changes in early Soviet life such as vodka prohibition and the eight hour cap on working days, but then expands on the potentially devastating, but useful role of cinema during the […]

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Kommunist Kino

Leon Trotsky, a influential Bolshevik and one of Lenin’s top lieutenants, foresaw the great power and influence that Cinema would have over popular culture. In a 1923 issue of the state controlled news magazine Pravda (“The Truth”) Trotsky detailed how the newly blooming cinematic industry would be a key tool of Bolshevik Soviet in the fight… More Kommunist Kino

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A New Era of Manipulation

“Vodka, the Church, and the Cinema” This writing by Leon Trotsky provides a glimpse into what Trotsky envisioned the new culture as. As one of the leaders of this new soviet endeavor Trotsky looked towards the future but also the past. He saw how the old fit with the new, and how the old would […]

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