Week 2 Blogpost Guidelines

This week we take up the spectacular and diverse cultural transformation that preceded and accompanied the Revolution of 1917.  The connections between artistic and political radicalism were powerful and contradictory, and we will continue to explore them throughout the course. Please choose a cultural artifact that interests you — it could be an avant-garde painting, an example of commercial culture […]

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Futurists, Pulp Fiction, and Silver Age Poetry (Thursday, Sept. 3)

On Thursday we will do the groundwork for your next posts. There are excerpts from Nat Pinkerton (King of Detectives) Anna Verbitskaya in Scholar. Please read them, along with the Futurist Manifestos (Maykovsky’s “Slap in the Face of Public Taste” is also here), and Alexander Blok’s poem, Scythians (RR pp. 13-15).  Please make sure you have access to these texts […]

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