Wandering through Russia

  The beauty of nature has changed in value and importance throughout history.  While many of us in southwest Virginia appreciate the mountains and landscape around us, in late 19th century Russia, nature was not seen as important enough to be considered “beautiful” and the focus of something as elevated as art.  However, this changed […]

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Second Blogpost Guidelines

This week we take up the spectacular and diverse cultural transformation that preceded and accompanied the Revolution of 1917.  The connections between artistic and political radicalism were powerful and contradictory, and we will continue to explore them throughout the course. Please choose a cultural artifact that interests you — it could be an avant-garde painting, an example of commercial culture […]

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Realizing Realism

Valentine Serov, a portrait painter and contributor of the Peredvizhniki, was a man who not only created art that was realistic and pleasing to the eye. He created works which evoked a sense of peace or turbulence, groundedness or lofty nature, with his use of color and impressionistic style. While some see the word ‘realism’ and […]

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