Everyday Soviet Satire

“The Bathhouse” -Mikhail Zoshchenko (1924) Zoshchenko’s satirical works within the context of defining what revolutionary culture exactly is provide a very interesting perspective, specifically from the other side so to speak. Revolutionary culture appears to be riddled with state sponsored dogma and a bombardment of reinforcing idealogical state views. Mikhail Zoshchenko sits on the other …

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The Concept of Universal Communal Upbringings

“When war and famine produced bands of homeless children during the Civil War, some Bolsheviks saw even this as a blessing in disguise, since the state could give the children a true collectivist upbringing (in orphanages) and they would not be exposed to the bourgeois influence of the old family” (Fitzpatrick 85). This quote directly … Continue reading The Concept of Universal Communal Upbringings

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