Finding the Big Deal – Prompt #7

Detail from the painting, "Papas Triumph"

Reconstructing Soviet society after the war involved a complex re-articulation of what communism meant in light of Soviet victory. The regime also needed to finesse the hopes of democratization raised by the war and avert potential conflict over postwar rewards. Vera Dunham has called the resulting social contract “the Big Deal.” For this post please explore a cultural aspect of […]

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How Blue was the Notion of the Blue Kerchief?

Painting of woman in a blue scarf

“The Blue Kerchief” performed by Siniy Platochek While romance and love had fallen out of fashion during the onset of the Soviet Union, being widely regarded as facets of bourgeois society, there was a resurgence in courting and the lustful sentiment of mating during the pre-war era. The 1930s experienced a return to traditional family … Continue reading How Blue was the Notion of the Blue Kerchief?

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Ehrenburg in “Красная звезда”

newspaper with Ehrenburg's editorial

During the Great Patriotic War, the Red Army newspaper “Красная звезда” (Red Star) provided one of the main modes of communication from writers on the war front to those laboring on the home front. As with the other nations engaged in the war, the paper became on of the most effective mediums for developing a … Continue reading Ehrenburg in “Красная звезда”

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