If Tomorrow Brings Realist Socialism & Nationalism

"If Tomorrow Brings War" (screenshot of YouTube video)

  This week’s focus being on the shift from the positive roots of constructing socialism into the dark days of the second world war, I was immediately drawn into “If Tomorrow Brings War” by Vasily Lebedev and the Pokrass brothers (1938).  Before launching into its connection to the larger aspects of socialist realism, upon reflection …

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Everyday Soviet Satire

“The Bathhouse” -Mikhail Zoshchenko (1924) Zoshchenko’s satirical works within the context of defining what revolutionary culture exactly is provide a very interesting perspective, specifically from the other side so to speak. Revolutionary culture appears to be riddled with state sponsored dogma and a bombardment of reinforcing idealogical state views. Mikhail Zoshchenko sits on the other …

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