From Class War To Cold War

Post WWII, the USSR and the USA famously engaged in the Cold War, in which they both amassed nuclear stockpiles and weapons; one doing so out of self defense, and one to blow the world up multiple times over for the fear of communism spreading. Siegelbaum describes the typical definition of the Cold War, which […]

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Dr. Lysenko-stien’s Monster

"In Stalin's Time" book cover

One could say that the state of post-World War II Soviet Russia was a very ‘Big Deal.’ A term coined by Vera Dunham, writer of In Stalin’s Time: Middleclass Values in Soviet Fiction, describes the social and democratic shift of Soviet society from “sacrificial and “heroic”” mindsets to a culture based on meshchanstvo (bourgeois culture),…

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Xenophobia: Stalin & Today

Cover photo: “Impromptu Shabbat service … in front of Tree of Life” 1 Webster’s Dictionary defines xenophobia as “fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.” Xenophobia can be referred to in many different contexts and does not target one group, culture, minority, race, sex, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation. … Continue reading Xenophobia: Stalin & Today

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