Month: March 2016

Comment on Zoot Suiters and the Wicked West by huntert4

I liked how this post really showed how the youth of the Soviet Union broke out of the cultural norms of the time.
i liked that you made the connection between their English language education and their infatuation with the west.

Comment on Star Wars: The Soviet’s Awaken by huntert4

Great title, it really drew me in. i like how you connected the success of the Soviets in space to the lack of success for the United States and how the Soviets getting into space first was a sort of kick in the butt that got the United States moving to catch up.

Comment on Deadly Cake and the Continuation of Secrecy by mitchs13

Your post notes how just because a man leaves power does not mean the system changes completely. While they experienced a swing towards openness, this openness on display here mostly notable because of how any sense of openness after the stalinist era was noteworthy. great job

Comment on The Virgin Lands Campaign by mitchs13

Interesting post. You point out how hard change can be, especially in a system as rigid and authoritarian as the Stalinist system was. Especially in this system as well, failure like this was especially discouraged, as in the past it often lead to a loss of position or death. Great post.

Comment on Pro-life Propaganda for Pro-choice Proletariat by mitchs13

Interesting post. One thing I thought of while reading was if this was an attempt to attempt to replace the lost population due to World War II, especially in the male population. Additionally, the change on abortion, at least from the perspective of 2…

Comment on Hungary For Change by Tom Ewing

This post, and the comments, illustrate a dilemma of de-Stalinization, which was how the Soviet leaders would allow for more flexibility by subordinates (in this case, leaders of an Eastern European state) without compromising their control. The Hungarian uprising, and Soviet invasion, showed the limits of this approach.

Comment on Blogpost: The Siberian City of Akademgorodok by Tom Ewing

This posting highlights one of the tensions of the Khrushchev era, as the Soviet state promoted advanced science and technology yet also sought to constrain scientists within politically defined limits. This tension persisted through the end of the Sov…

Comment on Virgin Lands Campaign by Tom Ewing

This posting provides an example of how the Soviet leaders looked at their country as a set of resources to be mobilized. The lands designated as Virgin were valuable because of their potential to produce grain, and thus it made sense to send more peop…

Comment on Soviet Russia and the Prisoners of Stalin by Tom Ewing

This post illustrates a dilemma facing the post-Stalinist leadership, which was how to recover from the traumatic effects of the dictatorship without undermining the foundations of the system. In this case, giving amnesties to prisoners would call into…