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Comment on Last, But Not Least by melissajacob

Your trip sounds like it was an excellent experience for academic work and also from a cultural experience. The activities you did sounded like it showed the differences in our culture and that of Russia. Your post and the activities that you did make me want to visit Russia in the near future and experience some of the wonderful things that you did!

Comment on The Olympic Boycott and the Boycott of the Boycott by melissajacob

This was a very interesting post because before this class and reading your post, I did not really know the United States boycotted the Olympics and certainly did not know the reason. This post does a good job of explaining the reasons and the thoughts of both sides of the game with the Soviet Union and the United States.

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Challenging the Soviet Union was an scary thing to do and the punishments could sometimes be horrifying. It is interesting how people of an oppressed nation will always try and rise up and rebel against the regime. You did a good job of giving very rel…

Comment on Stalin’s Use of Threat by melissajacob

Your post brings up issues with the 5 Year Plan that it is good to look into especially if it is not something that is commonly discussed. Listing the pros and cons of the plan is helpful to show the real sides of the plan and how it was good and bad in some areas. The transformation that Stalin wanted to complete in the Industrial area connects well with the 5 Year Plan shows how all these areas are intertwined.

Comment on The Importance of Consciousness and Nazi’s by melissajacob

Your post does a great job at explaining the teachings of Karl Marx. Most individuals know the name and the general idea of his teachings, but we do not know the specifics of why it was important to Russia and how this connects to the Nazi movement in Germany a few years later. That connection is one that would not be able to be made if it was not for your detailed explanations and thoughts. I had never thought about the similarities between Lenin and then later Hitler until I read your post.

Comment on The Kremlin by melissajacob

Before reading this blog post, I knew very little about the Kremlin and what it stood for in Russian culture. After reading this post, I now feel like I understand the concept not of just the building itself, but also of the significance that it holds to people all around the world. In this post, you did a good job of explaining the architecture of the Kremlin as well as the importance of it. The fact that it has six different churches built into it is a fact that one would not know off the top of their head. You mentioned that in this post and it amazed me. You also gave specific dates that helped to put into perspective just how important the Kremlin is.