Month: April 2016

The New Union Treaty: The Desperate Attempt to Save the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union was coming undone. Nationalist political organizations in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia controlled the parliaments and demanded independence from the USSR in April of 1991. Despite a referendum to preserving the Soviet territories, the three Baltic states refused to participate in the referendum and soon Georgia would join them in declaring independence. Moldavia […]

The Fall of Communism in the Soviet Union

After the coup of 1991, Communists in The Soviet Union had hoped to gain control and bring back the old system they had known. Instead, the system changed from being Communist to the opposite of their goal- the system was dissolved and a President, Boris Yeltsin, was put into place. Video footage (Communists on October […]

Final Blog Post Guidelines

"A Punk and 'Liuber'" 1988

“A Punk and ‘Liuber'” 1988

As the Pizza Hut ad we watched today suggested, Mikhail Gorbachev’s leadership ushered in an era of increased freedom, opportunity, and hope for Soviet citizens, even as it fostered economic uncertainty, political instability, and the threat of chaos. For your final blog post, please choose a topic that gives you some insight on the collapse of Soviet communism and the social transformation that accompanied it. 

The Social Is Political – Beyond Stagnation in the Seventies

ap9109060344_wide-7d6ea895e371884e0a237aa1c95ce04d498aca9c-s1500-c85We had some terrific submissions this week, many of which circled around changing cultural conventions and social norms.

The slider and Comrade’s Corner are brimming with posts about the influence of Western clothing, rock music and television on Soviet youth (and their parents). In many ways, these cultural shifts seem incongruous with the more famous profile of the dissident movement, which, like the Soviets’ ill-fated war in Afghanistan and the controversial boycotts of the Moscow Olympics grabbed many headlines in a decade that was far from stagnant.

Lake Baikal: A Russian Environmentalists Dream

Lake Baikal is one of the world’s oldest and deepest lakes. It is more than 5,000 feet deep and stretches for more than 400 miles near the south part of Siberia. This lake is crystal clear and known for the pristine water quality and abundant life forms that exist within its’ waters. However, the lake […]

Red Rockers

The 1970’s is a time known in Soviet History as a time of economic stagnation, but as discussed in class it was not experienced this way by those that lived through the 70’s in the Soviet Union.  The Soviet youth of the time experienced a time of liberation politically and in this case musically that […]


The 1980s brought about much change for the Soviet and Eastern Bloc countries. For Poland one of the big changes was Solidarity, a social movement that grew from underground resistance to the Soviet bureaucracy. Eventually this resistance grew into the form of a worker’s party when delegates from 36 trade unions across Poland met to … Continue reading FREEDOM!

Afghanistan: The Great Disgraceful War

This short clip from the recent video-game “Metal Gear Solid 5” provides succinct background info on the causes of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. After the heroic triumph of the Soviet Union in defending itself from Axis onslaught in World War Two, there wasn’t another major military conflict that it committed to fighting for almost forty … Continue reading Afghanistan: The Great Disgraceful War

It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me

Russia had music throughout history but nothing compared to Rock and Roll.  This type of music was considered almost barbaric and was frowned upon by the older generations.  Rock and Roll eventually created a huge impact in society.  The lyrics would attack the issues of the nation which annoyed the government. The West had a…