Novocherkassk Tragedy

  Thousands of workers from the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Works and their “supporters marched to the Communist Party’s headquarters in order to protest Khrushchev’s passing of legislation that would lead to nation-wide price increases for meat and dairy products on June 2nd, 1962” (Seventeen Moments). The march on headquarters resulted in a labor strike due to the […]

Virgin Lands Campaign

Agriculture had always been a problem for the Soviets. Thus, after Stalin died in 1953, Khrushchev became the head of the communist party and decided that Russia needed to solve its agriculture problems. As a result, Khrushchev came up with the Virgin Lands Campaign and he launched it in 1954. Khrushchev was trying to solve […]

Katyn Forest Massacre

Katyn Forest was home to the graves of over 4,300 Polish officers. The German army discovered these graves in March of 1943. The deceased Polish officers were Prisoners of War following the aftermath of the invasion of the Soviets and occupation of the Polish Eastern provinces between 1939-1941. Unfortunately for the Germans, the Soviets completely […]

Reform or Bust

  In 1921, Lenin introduced the New Economic Policy in order to rebuild Russia’s devastated economy. The Russian Civil War left Russia in pieces, especially the economy. Furthermore, citizens faced terrible economic hardships. As a result, there was a strong decline in Bolshevik support. Lenin realized that he needed to do something. Thus, the War […]

The Event That Started It All

The Russian Revolution of 1905 began in Saint Petersburg on January 22nd when soldiers of the Imperial Guard fired upon unarmed workers led by Father Gapon. Gapon and the rest of the demonstrators were marching to the Winter Palace in order to petition Tsar Nicholas II. The Tsar made a mistake by not appearing before […]


  Prisoners of War constituted an important economic force both as laborers within the camps, as well as in agriculture and the industry outside of them. They were not entirely isolated from Russian society. There was always a great deal of uncertainty for Prisoners of War. The upheaval in Russia during World War I resulted […]

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