The End of an Era

The Soviet Union faced many changes in the twentieth century; whether it be leadership change, social growth, industrial advancement, or impacts from different wars, the Soviet Union went through a dynamic transformation that all came to a head by the early 1990’s. After months of efforts to halt the inevitable or must some kind of […]

Change in Faith?

As the  Soviet came out of WWII and into the Cold War, many social changes began to shape the nation and influence what it was becoming. Of all the things changing for the Soviet in the latter half of the twentieth century, religion and is ties to the nation was no exception. In 1957 Khrushchev […]

Work From Home

As the Soviet moved forward into the decade after WWII, many social issues continued to change. One of the more prominent issues would be the dynamic and shifting role women played in society. During the second world war a shift was seen as women played a more involved role in the war that had a […]

Defend the Motherland!

There is no denying that war brings many changes to a nation. The social changes within Russia during and after WWII are seen in many ways, including the changing role women played throughout. Women were used in many propaganda ways; the use of women in feature films to promote different aspects of the war was […]

I ain’t Saying He’s a Gold Digger (I am)

Church and government relations have caused tensions in many ways throughout history. Russia is no stranger to the tricky dynamic of balancing religious ideals as well as a political agenda . Such was the case after 1918 when Lenin and his contemporaries created a plan to undercut the authority of the church. They worked to divide […]

On the illusion of the order in the state

Revolution is no stranger in history, and defiantly no stranger to Russia. The Revolution of 1905 can be linked to many things within the changing Russian state.  The Russian economy was not in the best of states to begin with; with a vast amount of land, a growing population, and a continuous struggle to make […]

Industrial and Agricultural Changes

  There are many aspects of industrial and economic development that can contribute to the understanding of the broad term “history”.  In the case of Russia, during the late Imperial period, both economic and industrial changes worked together to shape the cultural and social transformations that were taking place. In the West, technology was developing […]