The Fall of Communism in the Soviet Union

After the coup of 1991, Communists in The Soviet Union had hoped to gain control and bring back the old system they had known. Instead, the system changed from being Communist to the opposite of their goal- the system was dissolved and a President, Boris Yeltsin, was put into place. Video footage (Communists on October […]

The Era of Spaceflight

Iurii Gagarin’s return from space- Cosmonaut Images   One of the most captivating parts of the Soviet-United States Cold War was the competition-in military technology and in sports, and in many, many other areas as well. For each side, this brought out the best of inventiveness and helped the advancement of technology. My favorite advancement made was […]

Stubborn Finnish Resistance

Source: Winter War Artillery   Before the Soviets were invaded by the Germans in the Second World War, they held a border treaty of sorts with their Finnish neighbors, and were cooperating in good faith to keep this treaty intact. When Soviet leaders and intelligence suggested that they would likely be involved in conflict with the […]

Purge the Poison of Faith

In 1929 Soviet Russia, the surface showed that the Government didn’t like religion. History tells us that the Communist regime officially made it the business of the state whether a person formed a religious group, and made it the policy of the State that religion not have a hand in government or education. The policies […]

Lenin’s New Economic Policy

When Lenin unveiled the New Economic Policy in 1921, he intended to bring the economy of the region up and recover from the turbulence of the previous years. The NEP allowed for a market economic policy, and it was hoped that this would boost production, sales, and allow for less taxation. At this time, “foreign […]

Mechanical Technology in the Russian Empire

Photograph link: Alternator Title: Alternators made in Budapest, Hungary, in the power generating hall of a hydroelectric station in Iolotan on the Murghab River Photographer: Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944) Date: Approximately 1911 Location: Turkmenistan          This image of an advancement in technological capacity shows the Russian Empire’s desire to evolve with the world and […]