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Czech Yourself

While the end of the Khrushchev-era meant a turn away from reform in the Soviet Union, not all Warsaw pact states wanted to halt the thaw. In Czechoslovakia, Alexander Dubcek’s leadership and the “Czech Action Programme” led to a period of liberalization across the country. Changes in the Czechoslovakian Communist party regarding secret balloting, set term limits, and … Continue reading Czech Yourself

Hungary For Change

On March 6, 1953, millions of citizens of the Soviet Union took to the Red Square to mourn the death of the man who had ruled them for the past 30 years. While they mourned, others quickly looked at the new power vacuum as an opportunity for change. In Hungary, Soviet troops began to pull…

The Fundamental(ly Flawed) Laws of 1906

Worker strikes, dissatisfied peasants, and a humiliating military defeat to the Japanese left the Russian Empire on the brink of disaster in 1905. In a last ditch attempt to end the massive unrest and revolution, Tsar Nicholas II issued the October Manifesto. The Manifesto, brain-child of Sergei Witte, called for increased personal freedoms and limited representative … Continue reading The Fundamental(ly Flawed) Laws of 1906

Rightfully Wronged: A Story of an Assassination

Alexander II was a remarkably different leader than what the Russia had ever seen before. He served as Emperor of Russia from March 1855 until his death in 1881. His time in office came during the climax of the Crimean War, a time where the country was in desperate need of exceptional guidance. He was seen as … Continue reading Rightfully Wronged: A Story of an Assassination