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Lake Baikal: A Russian Environmentalists Dream

Lake Baikal is one of the world’s oldest and deepest lakes. It is more than 5,000 feet deep and stretches for more than 400 miles near the south part of Siberia. This lake is crystal clear and known for the pristine water quality and abundant life forms that exist within its’ waters. However, the lake […]

Red Rockers

The 1970’s is a time known in Soviet History as a time of economic stagnation, but as discussed in class it was not experienced this way by those that lived through the 70’s in the Soviet Union.  The Soviet youth of the time experienced a time of liberation politically and in this case musically that […]


The 1980s brought about much change for the Soviet and Eastern Bloc countries. For Poland one of the big changes was Solidarity, a social movement that grew from underground resistance to the Soviet bureaucracy. Eventually this resistance grew into the form of a worker’s party when delegates from 36 trade unions across Poland met to … Continue reading FREEDOM!

Afghanistan: The Great Disgraceful War

This short clip from the recent video-game “Metal Gear Solid 5” provides succinct background info on the causes of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. After the heroic triumph of the Soviet Union in defending itself from Axis onslaught in World War Two, there wasn’t another major military conflict that it committed to fighting for almost forty … Continue reading Afghanistan: The Great Disgraceful War

It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me

Russia had music throughout history but nothing compared to Rock and Roll.  This type of music was considered almost barbaric and was frowned upon by the older generations.  Rock and Roll eventually created a huge impact in society.  The lyrics would attack the issues of the nation which annoyed the government. The West had a…

The 1980 Summer Poitical Games

Fear summarizes a general mindset of foreign policy for countries during the Cold War. No country openly stated its fear of opposing countries, but it was a major motivation behind their actions. One of the biggest fears of this time was Soviet expansion, at least from the United States perspective. President Carter speaks about this…