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Setting up the Chess Game: The Siege of Berlin and the Cold War

This video from the best-selling Call of Duty video game series, visually portrays the hopeless situation of the German military in the face of the conquering Red Army in 1945. The end of World War Two for Nazi Germany came swiftly, but not, in any sense, painlessly. The suffering of the Soviet people and the … Continue reading Setting up the Chess Game: The Siege of Berlin and the Cold War

Katyn Forest Massacre

Katyn Forest was home to the graves of over 4,300 Polish officers. The German army discovered these graves in March of 1943. The deceased Polish officers were Prisoners of War following the aftermath of the invasion of the Soviets and occupation of the Polish Eastern provinces between 1939-1941. Unfortunately for the Germans, the Soviets completely […]

Battle of Kursk

The Battle of Kursk could be seen as the turning point for the Soviets in World War II. This battle occurred in 1943 and was the result of a failed German attack on the Soviet Forces. The Germans could see that a Soviet defense line was pushing into their territory and so they took a […]

New Nation New Anthem

In 1943, General Aleksandr Vasilievich Aleksandrov, Garold El-Registan, and Sergei Mikhalkov took it upon themselves to write a new national anthem for Russia.  The old anthem did not disappear though, it became the party anthem while the new song became the national anthem for Russia as a whole.  The national anthem can be found here. Generating a…

Defend the Motherland!

There is no denying that war brings many changes to a nation. The social changes within Russia during and after WWII are seen in many ways, including the changing role women played throughout. Women were used in many propaganda ways; the use of women in feature films to promote different aspects of the war was […]

You Rebel Scum!

On June 22, 1941, Hitler’s planned invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa, commenced making rapid advancements across the Soviet Union. The German Army moved so quickly that many Soviet units were just overrun, especially the reserve units and party leaders. As the Germans moved across Soviet lands they committed many war crimes against Russians, … Continue reading You Rebel Scum!

Smiles on Their Faces

“They seem nice and handsome and educated. They worked. And rested. And worked again.” This description was found in the film Ordinary Fascism by Mikhail Romm. He was describing the German soldiers who were fighting on the Eastern Front during the Great Pattriotic War. While using these descriptors, Romm inserted into his film images that alternated […]