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Closing a Part of Russia’s Roots

Alcohol consumption is deeply engraved into the cultural roots of Russia. It was one of the largest ways that Russia gets its revenue. Production and distribution of alcohol to other areas lead Russia to be a front runner. “In 1979, for example, the state derived some 25.4 billion rubles in indirect taxes from the sale […]

Matt Moser’s Blog 2016-05-01 22:37:58

Let’s all  be honest, when we think of Russia one of the first things we think of is vodka, and it’s completely justified. Russians have always been massive consumers of alcohol, and in the mid 1900s, the Soviet Union had a monopoly over the production and distribution of alcohol. In fact, the state made more […]

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Russia is no stranger to alcohol; in fact, it is known for its consumption of alcohol in day-to-day life, events, and celebrations. Alcohol served as a large portion of state revenue up until 1985 which is when Russia’s entered into a dry period. Mikhail Gorbachev came to power as the General Secretary of the Communist […]