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The First Socialist Generation

http://reddomino.typepad.com/languor_management/2008/04/ The 1930’s was the first decade in which the new Soviet government was firmly established both politically and more important to this article  they were firmly established in the field of education.  As stated in my earlier article Overthrow of Orthodoxy one of the first things that the new government did when the Bolsheviks […]

One Nation, Fit For All

  ‪”There is no more beautiful clothing in the world, than the bronze of muscles and freshness of skin.” Vladimir Mayakovsky. Poster by N. I. Tereshchenko …  Calvertjournal.com   The USSR went to great lengths to promote physical culture throughout the 1930’s, which accompanied their mold of the “New Soviet” person. The New Soviet who […]

The Influence of Art in Illiterate Russia

After the Bolshevik victory in 1917, Vladimir Lenin knew that the peasant and worker masses, worn from capitalism, needed a kickstart into a Socialist state of mind. Not only had the Bolsheviks long been the underdog in a revolution decades in the making, but many were educationally unaware of the political battle they were waging on behalf… Continue reading The Influence of Art in Illiterate Russia

Reform for Education.

Russia’s educational system in the 1860’s was very one sided. At that time, elementary education was only for the privileged. But as the Serfs began to be brought into society, there had to be some kind of system for them to become educated. But the initiative was not taken by the government. The church was […]