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Stalin’s Use of Threat

Joseph Stalin was one of the most determined, confident, demanding and powerful individuals between the late 1920’s and early 1930s’s in Russia. Who? He was the dictator of the Soviet Union who introduced the first Five-Year in the year 1928. What? The Five Year Plan concentrated on government control of the economy, agriculture and took control […]

The Great Turn and the growing industrial scene in the early 1930’s

The Great Turn was the turning point for the Russian economy changing from the New Economic Policy that was instated by Lenin after the multiple revolutions of 1917 and 1922 and that of the New Five year plan that drove the Russian economy into industrialization. Without the change of policy by the Russian government, they … Continue reading The Great Turn and the growing industrial scene in the early 1930’s

The Successes and Flaws of a Socialist City of Steel

The Great Turn, the period following Lenin’s death during the late 1920s, oversaw a radical reshaping of Russian life, including politics, social life, and the economy. The most important aspect of this period was the economic progress made. Stalin himself claimed that “we are 50 to 100 years behind advanced countries. We must cover this […]

Steeling a Way of Life

Every major country in the world has undergone their own industrial revolution. The majority of these revolutions took place in the 1800’s and was just a natural effect of technology development. But as the rest of the world was progressing onto the new economic age, Russia was minding its own business. For a long time,…

The New Soviet Person

The economic and political restructuring of Russia by the Bolshevik’s was their main first step in creating a socialist society. To create this socialist society they also needed to create a new person. One ultimate goal of the Bolshevik’s was to create a new person, or as the Bolshevik’s called it A New Soviet Man. The ideals of this new person were to be shaped …

Stalin’s Big Idea

When Stalin came to power after the death of Lenin he immediately faced the problem of lack of grain and peasant protests over said lack of grain.  Another problem posed to the new regime was that of the Kulaks, these were the higher class of peasants.  The Kulaks posed a problem to Stalin because they […]

Laws for Religion

Stalin’s main area of focus was collectivization of farms and his Five Year Plan. However, the focus on churches and religion surfaced once again. In the early 1920’s, particularly 1923, churches were under fire. With Stalin in power now, the churches were once again under fire from the government, but this time with restrictions and […]

Separation of Church and State

The Kremlin had instituted restrictions on religion and the church in 1923 but instituted more laws against the church in 1929.  These laws sparked violence towards the church, the members, and the property.  The government did not want their citizens attending church services on Sunday’s that they kept factories operational on the weekend to encourage the…