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The End of an Era

The Soviet Union faced many changes in the twentieth century; whether it be leadership change, social growth, industrial advancement, or impacts from different wars, the Soviet Union went through a dynamic transformation that all came to a head by the early 1990’s. After months of efforts to halt the inevitable or must some kind of […]

Bad Apples Don’t Fall Far from the Tree

The turbulent Russian youth of the mid-1980s defied their elders and their country by refusing to become subordinates of the Communist Party. A suppressed generation of Young Marxists, the young people sought to make dramatic cultural change that would effect how the Soviet Union would be interpreted for years to come – or so they … Continue reading Bad Apples Don’t Fall Far from the Tree

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Let’s all  be honest, when we think of Russia one of the first things we think of is vodka, and it’s completely justified. Russians have always been massive consumers of alcohol, and in the mid 1900s, the Soviet Union had a monopoly over the production and distribution of alcohol. In fact, the state made more […]

500 DAYS

The Soviet Union’s economy was far from any sort of good state by 1991. It had stopped functioning and had come to a completely unproductive halt. There were multiple attempts of reform by Gorbachev to try and restart the productivity, however there were also multiple problems within Soviet society that were causing him to run […]

Home Brewers

Russia is no stranger to alcohol; in fact, it is known for its consumption of alcohol in day-to-day life, events, and celebrations. Alcohol served as a large portion of state revenue up until 1985 which is when Russia’s entered into a dry period. Mikhail Gorbachev came to power as the General Secretary of the Communist […]

The End of the USSR

Political theorist Machiavelli wrote many pieces on what to do if a coup overthrows a government.  He writes that those who overthrow the government are in debt to the people or organizations who aided them in creating the coup.  He continues by saying that the best way to keep a nation free after overthrowing the […]

The New Union Treaty: The Desperate Attempt to Save the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union was coming undone. Nationalist political organizations in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia controlled the parliaments and demanded independence from the USSR in April of 1991. Despite a referendum to preserving the Soviet territories, the three Baltic states refused to participate in the referendum and soon Georgia would join them in declaring independence. Moldavia […]