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Creation Of The One And Only Soviet Russia

This was one of the most influential revolutions in all time history for Russia. This revolution was lead by the Bolsheviks. It overturned the interim provisional government and established the Soviet Union. This event in 1917 was well thought out and planned. It was organized and accomplished by a small group of people. The Bolshevik […]

The Begging Table: The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

Russia’s embarrassing performance during the First World War led to massive resentment at home.  After the Bolsheviks seized and began to consolidate power in Russia, Lenin turned to ending the unpopular war. Peace negotiations took place in the city of Brest-Litovsk.  The fact that the Entente chose the city as the location for negotiations was a … Continue reading The Begging Table: The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

The Influence of Art in Illiterate Russia

After the Bolshevik victory in 1917, Vladimir Lenin knew that the peasant and worker masses, worn from capitalism, needed a kickstart into a Socialist state of mind. Not only had the Bolsheviks long been the underdog in a revolution decades in the making, but many were educationally unaware of the political battle they were waging on behalf… Continue reading The Influence of Art in Illiterate Russia

Lenin & Guerrilla Warfare: Lessons Learned from 1905

While guerrilla warfare has existed since the dawn of civilization, the modern principles of guerrilla strategy emerged during the early 20th century, with prime examples being found in the Russian Revolution of 1905. While Karl Marx closely studied military history, his focus was primarily upon conventional military doctrine rather than the use of guerrilla tactics. … Continue reading Lenin & Guerrilla Warfare: Lessons Learned from 1905

From Revolution to Crisis

With the reign of the tsar finally coming to an end in February, the new government immediately fell into economic crises. The new government inherited the economic mismanagement, high income inequality, a very large and angry peasant class, and the costly war effort from the old regime. Upon gaining power, the Provisional Government experienced demands … Continue reading From Revolution to Crisis

The Importance of Consciousness and Nazi’s

Leading up to the revolution of 1905, Marxism began gaining considerable steam all throughout Russia.  Karl Marx himself, the creator of Marxist theory (along with Engels), was fundamentally a historical materialist.  Marx adopted the principle of Hegel’s idealism (which asserted that history was driven by conflict over ideas) but substituted the root of conflict from […]

Leninism and Class: Recognizing the Class Issues

“Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country”- Vladimir Lenin To understand the rise of Marxism in Russia, especially after the Revolution of 1905, one needs to understand the life and ideology of Vladimir Lenin. He is widely known as one of the central leaders of the Revolution of 1917 and as […]

Lenin’s Model To Becoming Revolutionaries

Lenin had a very different perspective as to how a revolution should begin. He believed that spontaneous sparks from the working class were only the very first step into organization. Lenin saw the lone acts of spontaneity as being pointless, however. These spontaneous acts of individuals did not cause change to occur as was hoped. […]