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Reform or Bust

  In 1921, Lenin introduced the New Economic Policy in order to rebuild Russia’s devastated economy. The Russian Civil War left Russia in pieces, especially the economy. Furthermore, citizens faced terrible economic hardships. As a result, there was a strong decline in Bolshevik support. Lenin realized that he needed to do something. Thus, the War […]

Lenin’s Pragmatic Approach with the West

The civil war with the White Army left a profound imprint on Bolshevik political culture in the early 1920s. Following the war, the Red Army remained the largest and most important institution of the new state. Soviet Russia ultimately became a quasi military-administrative state, in which the military essentially permeated throughout the government, economy, and […]

A New Economic Policy?

In March of 1921, Lenin introduced his New Economic Policy to the tenth Congress as a means of fixing the many shortages that ran rampant throughout Russia, particularly food. Essentially the New Economic Policy (NEP) allowed peasants to sell their food surpluses on the open market, instead of having their surplus claimed by the state. … Continue reading A New Economic Policy?

Entrepreneurs and the Reemergence of Capitalism

In 1921, the New Economic Policy was implemented, which denationalized industry and further diversified the Russian economy. Vladimir Lenin argued that reforming the economy would stabilize unrest, particularly within the peasantry. Citizens were permitted to privately sell and exchange surplus of food and resources as a result of the New Economic Policy’s tax-in-kind parameters. Ironically, this economic policy… Continue reading Entrepreneurs and the Reemergence of Capitalism

Nepreryvnaia Nedelia

During the early 1920s, the Kremlin leadership consisted of representatives, old and young, with radical and extreme views. There was a shift in goals and the government sought to increase restrictions on the Church. The authorities rallied the people and … Continue reading

Out With the Old in With the New

The New Economic Policy After the Bolsheviks victory in the Russian Civil War, one of the Bolsheviks main goals they wanted to achieve was to rebuild their shattered economy. The Russian civil war left their nation in pieces, the economy was in ruins and the citizens faced terrible economic hardships. Vladimir Lenin took note of this and knew that he needed to do something to …

Lenin’s New Economic Policy

When Lenin unveiled the New Economic Policy in 1921, he intended to bring the economy of the region up and recover from the turbulence of the previous years. The NEP allowed for a market economic policy, and it was hoped that this would boost production, sales, and allow for less taxation. At this time, “foreign […]

The Invisible Children

The economic and political pitfalls between the years of 1917-1921 caused a lot of heartache and troubles for families of the working-lower classes and the peasants. The continuous shortage of bread and basic sustenance put more and more pressure on families to feed their kids, much less themselves. The rise and spread of disease and […]