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New Country, New Me

The amazing thing about the formation of the Soviet Union was the new possibilities it presented. The Bolsheviks promised a new society, one where the working class, not the nobility and the church, were the center of power. Such a grand political and social revolution presented an opportunity not only for new government and social relations, […]

The New Soviet Person

The economic and political restructuring of Russia by the Bolshevik’s was their main first step in creating a socialist society. To create this socialist society they also needed to create a new person. One ultimate goal of the Bolshevik’s was to create a new person, or as the Bolshevik’s called it A New Soviet Man. The ideals of this new person were to be shaped …

Marxist Mind Control

To the Bolsheviks the term ‘revolution’ was much broader than simple economic and political change. The revolution was considered complete when ‘’values, myths, mores, aesthetics, popular images, and traditions” were entirely transformed within every social institution (Freeze 329). A comprehensive recasting of the Soviet citizen was needed in order to create the ‘New Soviet Man.’ […]