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Invading Czechoslovakia: The Brezhnev Doctrine in Practice

Replacing Antonin Novotny as First Secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party in 1968, Alexander Dubcek sought to incorporate swift political reforms. After his predecessor failed to quell the rebellious nature of the youths and intellectuals or find any acceptable ways of utilizing these passions for communist objectives, Dubcek implemented a different approach to gain support … Continue reading Invading Czechoslovakia: The Brezhnev Doctrine in Practice

Czech Yourself

While the end of the Khrushchev-era meant a turn away from reform in the Soviet Union, not all Warsaw pact states wanted to halt the thaw. In Czechoslovakia, Alexander Dubcek’s leadership and the “Czech Action Programme” led to a period of liberalization across the country. Changes in the Czechoslovakian Communist party regarding secret balloting, set term limits, and … Continue reading Czech Yourself