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Change in Faith?

As the  Soviet came out of WWII and into the Cold War, many social changes began to shape the nation and influence what it was becoming. Of all the things changing for the Soviet in the latter half of the twentieth century, religion and is ties to the nation was no exception. In 1957 Khrushchev […]

New Nation New Anthem

In 1943, General Aleksandr Vasilievich Aleksandrov, Garold El-Registan, and Sergei Mikhalkov took it upon themselves to write a new national anthem for Russia.  The old anthem did not disappear though, it became the party anthem while the new song became the national anthem for Russia as a whole.  The national anthem can be found here. Generating a…

Defend the Motherland!

There is no denying that war brings many changes to a nation. The social changes within Russia during and after WWII are seen in many ways, including the changing role women played throughout. Women were used in many propaganda ways; the use of women in feature films to promote different aspects of the war was […]

Wait For Me, And I’ll Come Back

The most interesting thing that war brings is the need for romance and love when it seems unreachable. Poems, songs and movies all brought forward a surge of romance that was needed for the dying population of the Soviet Union. Many couples that were ripped in two relied on poems such as Wait For Me […]

Picture Perfect Propaganda

Once humanity created media, society was changed. Media is a magical thing. The dawn of the printing press gave the people the newspaper which eventually led to the Protestant movement. The word of mouth can only go so far. The words change and it eventually gets so twisted that the original idea isn’t there anymore….

The Influence of Art in Illiterate Russia

After the Bolshevik victory in 1917, Vladimir Lenin knew that the peasant and worker masses, worn from capitalism, needed a kickstart into a Socialist state of mind. Not only had the Bolsheviks long been the underdog in a revolution decades in the making, but many were educationally unaware of the political battle they were waging on behalf… Continue reading The Influence of Art in Illiterate Russia