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Kornilov Affair

General Lavr Kornilov was an influential war hero in 1917 and stood out because of his determination to establish order following the April Crisis. He was liked by most political figures and industrialists. Kornilov was appointed as the Supreme Commander … Continue reading

Kornilov, A Savior? Not In This Revolution

While the July Days were meant to “end the revolution’s summer of discontent”, Kornilov had to deal with the ever increasing amounts of strikes and factory shutdowns from the working and lower classes. The amount of economic and social distress was starting to build more corruption within the government and was taking a toll on […]

From Revolution to Crisis

With the reign of the tsar finally coming to an end in February, the new government immediately fell into economic crises. The new government inherited the economic mismanagement, high income inequality, a very large and angry peasant class, and the costly war effort from the old regime. Upon gaining power, the Provisional Government experienced demands … Continue reading From Revolution to Crisis