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Pinkhus Karlinskii and 66 years of service

  Pinkhus Karlinskii, pictured above, was the supervisor of the Cheringov floodgate on the Mariinsk Canal system in the northern part of Russia. The photograph was taken by Sergei Prokudin-Gorski, a Russian photographer of the early twentieth century. Prokudin-Gorski photographed Karlinskii during his tour of the famous canal system, and noted that he was eighty-four […]

Increased trade and transportation via the Volga-Baltic Waterway (Blog Post #1)

This is an image of a man standing on a small wooden dock along the Mariinskii Canal system.  Construction of the canal system began in the early 1700’s and has undergone several modifications and expansions since then.1  The canal system, later renamed the Volga-Baltic Waterway, connected the northern part of European Russia and the Volga […]

Rivers in the Russian Empire

In the early 20th century, rivers were a widely used method of transportation throughout the Russian Empire. This picture was taken along the Volga-Baltic waterway which became a popular route for resources to travel from the capital of St. Petersburg to the Volga River Basin in northwestern Russia. This portion of the Russian empire was,…

The Beginnings of a Sluice Dam, for the Russian Empire (By Lee Cole)

Image: Cementing the Foundation of a Sluice Dam In 1896, the beginnings of a sluice dam were laid out for the construction of the massive dam.  This dam was designed the help with the navigation of Volga river, which in turn helped with the bolstering of trade and transportation.  Trade along this river helped the … Continue reading The Beginnings of a Sluice Dam, for the Russian Empire (By Lee Cole)

“Cementing the Foundation of a Sluice Dam”

In the Prokudin-Gorskii collection, “Laying Concrete for the Dam’s Sluice” was taken while Nicholas II was traveling around imperial Russia.  Under Tsar Nicholas II, a sluice dam was built in the Volga-Baltic waterway.  I chose this picture because I will be going to see the Panama Canal this summer and this specific dam in Russia was…