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The Forgotten Victims of 1905

One of the most interesting aspects of the 1905 revolution to me was the treatment of minorities by the revolutionaries and the government alike. I have learned in the past about the revolution and its political implications, but this seems almost like a forgotten sidebar to the revolution. In a time filled with so much … Continue reading

Civil Unrest Led to Government Instigated Pogroms

A ceremony at the Jewish cemetery in honor of an anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1905, Dvinsk (now Daugavpils, Lat.), ca. 1910. The Yiddish and Russian banners honor “fallen comrades” and one Yiddish banner (second from left) reads, in

Repression and the Russian Revolution

Considering recent actions taken by the Executive Branch of the US government, what stood out to me the most about analyzing the Russian Revolution of 1905 were the extensive issues revolving around religion and nationality that led to much violence and unrest in Russia during this time period. This ethnic repression and discrimination comes as […]