Nick Umana

Definitely not the most pleasant neighbors

Introductory Circumstances:  The Sino-Soviet split took place during the 60’s. It was caused by the divergence of ideals behind communism. Disagreements about peaceful co-existence with the west led to disagreements in the co-existence of the two countries. “They denounced the Soviet emphasis on “peaceful coexistence” with the capitalist world as kowtowing to the “paper tiger” […]

“Make Love Not War”

The sixties represented a time in history where the whole world was undergoing a vast amount of change in a variety of different ways.  After Josef Stalin died in March of 1953, the Soviet Union began to see a time of new Soviet culture development. People began to be able to focus on their personal […]

No aggression coming from your pal Hitler, *wink wink*

Joseph Stalin was a historical figure in the context of Soviet history. He was notorious for his policies known as Stalinism which developed throughout his time in leadership of the Soviet government.  “He had claimed that Russia was “50 to 100 years” behind the West, and that without catching up in 10 years, Russia would […]

1917 Revolutions

    In 1917 the relationship between the Tsar and the people of Russia had been completely destroyed. The Tsar had removed the Russian parliament (which was the main driving force behind the 1905 revolution), and created mass amounts of dissatisfaction to the people of Russia. The stresses that came along with World War I …

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