2nd Blogpost Guidelines

This week we are making sense of the complex dynamics of war and revolution (two revolutions, actually). We also move into range of a fabulous digital archive that will inspire us for the rest of the term. The topic of your post this week is the end of the autocracy and the two revolutions of 1917.  Use the resources in Seventeen Moments of Soviet History (1917) and Module Three of the Digital History Reader (1917 – Did the War Cause a Revolution?) to examine a significant aspect of the Russian Revolution that interests you.  You should also consult the Freeze text (the last part of the Chapter 8 and Chapter 9).

You may focus on an event, a development or an individual. (We will talk in class about how to identify a topic and use the Seventeen Moments website.) Your post should use (and cite) primary sources (texts, music, or images). You may also use a particular image or primary document as a focal point for your post. In any case, your post should address some aspect of the following question:

What was the relative importance of immediate events, long-term social and economic developments, the crisis in political authority, and the stresses of the war to the revolutions of February and October, 1917?

Image: Women’s Battalions parade past Emmeline Pankhurst. Frank H. Simonds, History of the World War, vol. 4 (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page, 1919), 166. (Digital History Reader, Module 3)

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