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When I Was Young We Played Outside For all of those people like me who grew up with Nintendo and television I am sure the above title had been said at one point or another by your parents. It would seem in this regard, the Soviet youth were hearing these decades in advance. According to this news article from the Digest […]

Russian Into Afghanistan

It was in late December, 1979 that the Soviet 40th Army moved to invade the country of Afghanistan. In the Soviets’ mind, they were helping to improve communist relations between the Afghan people and the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA), a communist political party.1 During the midst of the Cold War, the United States had … Continue reading Russian Into Afghanistan

A Bright New Future?

The 1970’s the golden years of the space age, it was only a few in July of 1969 had the Americans had put two men on the moon. With these significant technological innovations and a great deal of growing imagination, people began to think about life among the stars and the things we would do …

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Fighting in Afghanistan Never Works

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I like to talk about war and conflict in history.  This blog post will do just that.  In late December, 1979, the USSR began conducting military operations in the socialist republic of Afghanistan, responding to an Afghani call for aid.  The goal of these operations were to stabilize […]

Just Another Proxy War

Afghans wait outside the Kabul central Pulicharkhi prison on January 14, 1980, days after the Moscow-installed regime of Babrak Karmal took over. (Photo credit: AP Photo). Many things happened in 1978 that lead to the invasion of Afghanistan. Nur Mohammad Taraki took over the government with a coup. He was a member of Afghanistan’s communist…

Blog 6 – Russian for the Summer Olympics

Pictured: A newspaper from the Herald-Journal from February 21, 1980 demonstrating the boycotting of the Olympics. ( The Olympics have been around since 1896. A spectacle featuring the world’s top athletes, their abilities, and the country’s patriotism. The Olympics have become a major source of entertainment as millions gather around to watch and cheer on … Continue reading Blog 6 – Russian for the Summer Olympics