Revolutionary 1917

“Elect the Socialist Revolutionaries” Election poster of 1917.

The tide of revolution swept through the website this week, leaving a stunning array of thought-provoking and original posts in its wake. This edition’s featured posts leveraged the work we did in class on the challenges of Russian constitutionalism after 1905 and the key turning points in the summer and fall of 1917 to present cogent and compelling portraits of the swiftly-changing landscape of war, Imperial dissolution, democratic revolution, and then “Red October.”

Here you will fine engaging discussions of the “new woman,” Kornilov’s rebellion, the July Days, the forging of the Red Army and much, much more.

We will take a short break for midterms and be back in your newsfeed in a couple weeks.

Image Source: Electronic Museum of Russian Posters, 2004, via 17 Moments in Soviet History

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