Comment on Kickin’ It to The Soviet 60s Beat by Sophia Vella

I loved how this post focused on the music of the Soviet 60s, because normally when people think of classic 60s rock revolution, they do not think of Soviet rock. Classic rock is typically thought of as a western cultural revolution, not a staple of Russian culture. I think it is fascinating that the Soviets embraced this western music style. I also loved the music that you included, great post!

Comment on War On….. Alcohol? by Sophia Vella

I think this is really such a fascinating topic in Soviet history because, until this class, I believed Russia and alcohol had always gone hand and hand considering they don’t even consider beer alcohol. It is interesting that even today, Russia is fighting to combat the negative effects on society that alcoholism causes. I also loved the pictures you used! Great post!

Comment on Parasites who do not work, neither shall they eat by Sophia Vella

I thought this post was very interesting and informative. The Soviets had been trying to figure out how to motivate people to work and not to freeload off of the Socialist system. In one of my earlier blog post, I discussed Stalin’s attempt to motivate industrialization with shock workers, a continuation of a rewards program that states in World War II. Great post!