Comment on Eliminate Tenure – Blog Post #5 by spmurray

After this semester, with a particularly traumatic experience with a tenured (old, white, male) professor — I completely agree with you. I have seen the process of tenured so abused and meanwhile a faculty member with numerous student complaints, faculty complaints, and poor SPOT evals receive absolutely no consequences. I agree, tenure doesn’t exist in industry so why should it in academe?? Thanks for writing!

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Comment on Grade Inflation by spmurray

I so enjoyed your post! I teach writing, and in doing so, emphasize the importance of revisions. So, if students take my feedback seriously, they often receive quite high grades. I am ok with this. I want my students to work hard and develop more confidence in terms of writing. While I am ok with grade inflation in my own class, I will sound hypocritical here: I do wonder if grade inflation is connected to education inflation, where many students feel the need to have graduate degrees in order to receive high-quality, high-paying jobs! Thanks for writing!

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Comment on Plagiarism in developing countries (Additional blog post) by spmurray

As a writing teacher, I completely agree that more students and scholars need to know more about plagiarism! I understand that this tendency is higher in ESL students. In my classroom, I often introduce students to the Academic Phrasebank, an online resource that often helps students learn how to introduce other sources, rather than plagiarize:

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Comment on Depression in a Goal Oriented Society: Blog7 by spmurray

I so enjoyed reading your post! I have always struggled with depression and anxiety, but I would say these issues have been extremely exacerbated by graduate school. I really like your suggestions that we, as students, should reorganize our expectations for school at this phase of our lives and I completely agree. Even though my advisor has told me I have plenty of publications, I still worry that I need more — stemming from negative self-doubt that I, alone, can put in-check. Thanks for writing!

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Comment on #metoo – Additional Blog Post #4 by spmurray

I can relate to your perspective so much! I have a family friend who teaches at NYU, in the same department as the now infamous sexual harassment case there. It has been so interesting to hear how slowly these measures have moved through that university, or perhaps rather than interesting, I would say tragic — it is tragic to think of how slowly these proceedings have developed. I agree that all departments should be making moves toward equity as a much faster rate.

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Comment on 2016 Doctoral Degree Recipients Data by spmurray

I really enjoyed reading and thinking about these stats! I was happy to see that so few PhD graduates came away with debt! I am inclined to think that the number of PhDs granted annually is still too high for the demand, but given that the PhD is after all, a research rather than teaching degree, perhaps this number is warranted! Thanks for writing!

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Comment on Expertise Drift: Blog 9 by spmurray

I can relate to this post so much! I love your term of expertise drift! Earlier this semester I had to serve as a GTA to a hegemonic egomaniac who is an “expert” in one arena of technical communication, but who somehow, became a teacher for a myriad of other writing courses that he was in NO WAY capable of teaching! While I understand the need to be flexible and fit student / department needs, my experience with expertise drift suggests that this phenomena is EXTREMELY damaging for both GTAs and undergraduates. Thanks for writing!

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Extra Blog Post 5: Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is one episode from the Patriot Act series of Netflix presented by Hasan Minhaj. Patriot Act is a new weekly comedy series from Netflix that explores the modern cultural and political landscape with depth and sincerity. In the affirmative action episode, Hasan breaks down the history of affirmative action, its impact on his experience with the modern education system, and how a recent lawsuit against Harvard that could go to the Supreme Court could change it forever.

This is definitely an episode that you should watch. Let me know what you think!