Comment on “The fact that we have schools does not mean we have education.” by CorlH

Luisa, your post reminded me of Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”. It easy to ignore issues rather than address them. To address these issues would mean that we would destroy our perception of joy and happiness. Being a bystander only perpetuates a cycle that does not model good examples for future leaders.

Comment on Avoiding Complacency by nordicgod

Good afternoon Whitney,

I kind of just giggled reading to myself! I literally got up this morning at 4AM to write a 12 page paper and prepare a presentation for said paper. I got a 94% on the presentation and we’ll see about the grade for the paper! LOL! Thanks for always bringing the real story to the table and opening up avenues for discussion!


Cheers, Lehi

Comment on Who gets to draw the line anyway? Science and Humanities are simply human endeavors by Patrick Salmons

I really enjoyed reading this. As someone in the college of liberal arts I enjoy having these kind of conversations with people outside my field. I believe that we should have these sorts of conversations in an academic environment at least once a week. Expanding across fields is important to continued education.