For Class on Thursday

In our F2F meeting on Thursday we will continue to move in to our networked course, talk about Realism in Russian art and literature, and consider what we mean by “culture.” In addition to setting up your blog, please read Raymond Williams’ KEYWORD definition of culture, and have a look at the intro “Icons and Archetypes” in the Russian Reader […]

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Red Corner News

Greetings, and welcome to History 3684 at Virginia Tech for Fall 2015.  We are still moving in and getting set up, but please check back soon for the latest news on Soviet Culture.  If you are taking this class, please check out the documents posted on the “About” page.  And keep an eye on The “Red Corner” of the site. […]

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Red Cavalry

Red Cavalry — The revolutionary re-configuration of the Imperial Russian cavalry that helped win the revolution for the Bolsheviks. Subject of song, legend, story, and this iconic painting by Kasimir Malevich, the horsemen of the revolution helped bring Russia into the modern era. The cultural transformation of the revolutionary project and the creativity inspired by it are the subjects of […]

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