Everything Was Forever….Prompt 12

Until it was no more.….Our last weekly digest takes up the culture of the collapse of Soviet communism, a way of being that seemed extraordinarily stable, at the same time it displayed perplexing contradictions. For this last post, please use a cultural artifact or phenomenon of the late eighties to examine the end of the Soviet Union. Good inspiration is found in the modules for 1985 and 1991 in Seventeen Moments.  As background reading you should consult the RR pp. 667-700 (selections by Gorbachev, Dallin, Reis and Pisigin).  You may also write about the module on history meets literature in the Caucasus.

Be creative and curious in your search for good topics and high value sources that will make this last post your best yet. And make sure to use (and cite) articles from the Current Digest (remembering what we learned about the “stable URL”).

Image: Punk and Liuber, 1988