Home Brewers

Russia is no stranger to alcohol; in fact, it is known for its consumption of alcohol in day-to-day life, events, and celebrations. Alcohol served as a large portion of state revenue up until 1985 which is when Russia’s entered into a dry period. Mikhail Gorbachev came to power as the General Secretary of the Communist […]

The Kitchen’s Empty!

A new woman with new freedoms? Since the 1930s, women had been encouraged to embrace their roles in both the work force and motherhood, also known as the “double burden”. Men had the ability to come home from work, prop their feet up and relax until dinner was served. Women on the other hand, were […]

I’ll Be Seeing You

When thinking about fighting in a war, especially world wars, we tend to think patriotism is what fueled individuals. Persons of Axis or Ally support without a doubt had a strong sense of patriotism; however, it cannot be forgotten the role that romance played. During World War II, the Soviet Union witnessed the heightening of […]

Laws for Religion

Stalin’s main area of focus was collectivization of farms and his Five Year Plan. However, the focus on churches and religion surfaced once again. In the early 1920’s, particularly 1923, churches were under fire. With Stalin in power now, the churches were once again under fire from the government, but this time with restrictions and […]

Only Known as ‘Soviets’

A question that has come to mind after reading some of the aftermath effects of the Soviets coming into power, is was the revolution truly worth it and were the people ultimately happier with the Soviets than a tsar? Prior to Soviet power, Russia would have seen moderate changes with the succession of tsars, but […]

Lenin’s Model To Becoming Revolutionaries

Lenin had a very different perspective as to how a revolution should begin. He believed that spontaneous sparks from the working class were only the very first step into organization. Lenin saw the lone acts of spontaneity as being pointless, however. These spontaneous acts of individuals did not cause change to occur as was hoped. […]

Blog #1

  The monument pictured above is in dedication to the emancipation of the serfs. Serfdom in Russia was the equivalent to slavery in the Americas at the time and the admittance of emancipation to the serfs, Russia was changing its social course. The monument is a dedication to Russia trying to move to a more modernized […]

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