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Afghanistan: The Great Disgraceful War

This short clip from the recent video-game “Metal Gear Solid 5” provides succinct background info on the causes of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. After the heroic triumph of the Soviet Union in defending itself from Axis onslaught in World War Two, there wasn’t another major military conflict that it committed to fighting for almost forty … Continue reading Afghanistan: The Great Disgraceful War

The Olympic Boycott and the Boycott of the Boycott

Despite the stigma that the 1970s was an era of stagnation in the Soviet Union, in 1974 the International Olympic Committee unanimously voted to appoint Moscow as the host city for the 1980 Olympic Games (Olympic Boycott).   Beyond athletics, hosting the Olympics was a huge opportunity for the Soviet Union to showcase its prominence and … Continue reading “The Olympic Boycott and the Boycott of the Boycott”

Boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games

In 1974 the International Olympic Committee awarded the Soviet Union with the great opportunity to host the Summer Olympic Games of 1980 to Moscow. Unfortunately for Moscow the Olympic Games in 1980 would go down in history because of the politics that would arise before any of the games had even been started. The United States would end up leading a boycott of these Olympic …

80 Out Of 147 Isn’t Bad

When the USSR had learned that it would be hosting the summer Olympics in 1980 the excitement was palpable.  Reconstruction of older facilities was taking place, trash was being clean up off of the streets, new and beautiful trees and  other foliage were being planted and an Olympic Village was even being constructed.  This village would […]

Invading Czechoslovakia: The Brezhnev Doctrine in Practice

Replacing Antonin Novotny as First Secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party in 1968, Alexander Dubcek sought to incorporate swift political reforms. After his predecessor failed to quell the rebellious nature of the youths and intellectuals or find any acceptable ways of utilizing these passions for communist objectives, Dubcek implemented a different approach to gain support … Continue reading Invading Czechoslovakia: The Brezhnev Doctrine in Practice

The Kitchen’s Empty!

A new woman with new freedoms? Since the 1930s, women had been encouraged to embrace their roles in both the work force and motherhood, also known as the “double burden”. Men had the ability to come home from work, prop their feet up and relax until dinner was served. Women on the other hand, were […]