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The Sovietization of Central Asia: A Daunting Project

Upon the assumption by the Bolsheviks of the reigns of power,  the new rulers quickly realized that the “Sovietization” of Russia was not their only project. Many other non-Russian areas of the former czarist empire also had to be brought under socialism, particularly Central Asia, one of the poorest and most backwards regions of the … Continue reading The Sovietization of Central Asia: A Daunting Project

A War with China

In 1927, Chiang Kai-shek had mostly suppressed the Chinese Communists and solidified much of China underneath a single government based out of Nanjing. Now he began to set his sights upon Manchuria, severing ties with the Soviets who had much already invested in Manchuria. The Soviets managed and exercised their complete control of the Chinese Eastern … Continue reading A War with China

The Great Turn and the growing industrial scene in the early 1930’s

The Great Turn was the turning point for the Russian economy changing from the New Economic Policy that was instated by Lenin after the multiple revolutions of 1917 and 1922 and that of the New Five year plan that drove the Russian economy into industrialization. Without the change of policy by the Russian government, they … Continue reading The Great Turn and the growing industrial scene in the early 1930’s

New Country, New Me

The amazing thing about the formation of the Soviet Union was the new possibilities it presented. The Bolsheviks promised a new society, one where the working class, not the nobility and the church, were the center of power. Such a grand political and social revolution presented an opportunity not only for new government and social relations, […]

Calling For Collectivization

“The ultimate goal of socialist society was to create a new person, a New Soviet Person, who’s entire consciousness was shaped by the socialist environment” The first five year plan called for collectivization, or the transfer of Soviet agriculture from individual farms to state run collective farms. Stalin believed that the organization of collective farms […]

The Successes and Flaws of a Socialist City of Steel

The Great Turn, the period following Lenin’s death during the late 1920s, oversaw a radical reshaping of Russian life, including politics, social life, and the economy. The most important aspect of this period was the economic progress made. Stalin himself claimed that “we are 50 to 100 years behind advanced countries. We must cover this […]

Steeling a Way of Life

Every major country in the world has undergone their own industrial revolution. The majority of these revolutions took place in the 1800’s and was just a natural effect of technology development. But as the rest of the world was progressing onto the new economic age, Russia was minding its own business. For a long time,…

The New Soviet Person

The economic and political restructuring of Russia by the Bolshevik’s was their main first step in creating a socialist society. To create this socialist society they also needed to create a new person. One ultimate goal of the Bolshevik’s was to create a new person, or as the Bolshevik’s called it A New Soviet Man. The ideals of this new person were to be shaped …