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Nationalism, Communism, and the Soviet Union

An interesting movement that slowly emerged over the course of the 1930’s and hit its peak in 1939 was the concept of nationalism in the Soviet Union. As noted in his essay entitled “The New Patriotism”, historian James von Golden noted that the later 1930’s saw a rise in the posthumous rehabilitation of figures from Russia’s […]

Stalin’s Use of Threat

Joseph Stalin was one of the most determined, confident, demanding and powerful individuals between the late 1920’s and early 1930s’s in Russia. Who? He was the dictator of the Soviet Union who introduced the first Five-Year in the year 1928. What? The Five Year Plan concentrated on government control of the economy, agriculture and took control […]

Now you Sea me, now you don’t: the Fergana Canal

Stalin’s quest for economic progress created massive upheaval across Soviet society in the 1930s.  However, people were not only victims of the era.  Once the fourth largest lake in the world, the Aral Sea also fell victim to the tumultuous 1930s. One of the greatest ecological disasters of the twentieth century, the desiccation of the Aral Sea, started with the greatest … Continue reading Now you Sea me, now you don’t: the Fergana Canal

Revival of Soviet Sport

In conjunction with the push for education, infrastructure, and equality movements of the late 1920’s came the state-sponsored physical, pro-sport culture in the 1930’s. Physical attractiveness and a healthy lifestyle were only side benefits of a campaign that believed exercise of the body would benefit the socialist mind. Specifically, in a state striving for socialism, the shared discipline… Continue reading Revival of Soviet Sport

They think they can, They think they can

In the 1930’s there weren’t areas that the people of the Soviet Union could use to compete with the rest of the world.  They didn’t have the tallest buildings, the largest damns, their people didn’t have the best living standards, but they did have one of the best metros in the world.  A metro that […]

Stalin’s Ambitious Plans to Rebuild Moscow

In 1935, Joseph Stalin alongside Lazar Kaganovich, a close associate of Stalin’s, signed the “Master Plan for the Reconstruction of the City of Moscow”. At the time, Moscow was an older city with narrow streets and buildings that dated back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Stalin wanted to modernize Moscow and make it one … Continue reading “Stalin’s Ambitious Plans to Rebuild Moscow”

Rotting out the Whole Structure: The Great Terror (’36-’38) and the Red Army

The deep and far reaching purges of Soviet society that occurred from 1936 to 1938 affected all facets of the state, not least of those being the military. The Great Terror, as these purges were called, was a campaign to destroy what was seen by the highest of Soviet elites as a vast right-wing conspiracy within … Continue reading Rotting out the Whole Structure: The Great Terror (’36-’38) and the Red Army

The First Socialist Generation The 1930’s was the first decade in which the new Soviet government was firmly established both politically and more important to this article  they were firmly established in the field of education.  As stated in my earlier article Overthrow of Orthodoxy one of the first things that the new government did when the Bolsheviks […]

One Nation, Fit For All

  ‪”There is no more beautiful clothing in the world, than the bronze of muscles and freshness of skin.” Vladimir Mayakovsky. Poster by N. I. Tereshchenko …   The USSR went to great lengths to promote physical culture throughout the 1930’s, which accompanied their mold of the “New Soviet” person. The New Soviet who […]