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Russian Ethnic Cleansing: Assisted by the United States

The holocaust is arguably the most notorious aspect of World War II.  While millions of Jews lost their lives during the Holocaust, it is easy to forget that they were not the only group victimized by the Nazi’s systematic and brutal tactics of annihilation.  Massive amounts of Poles, Slavs, gypsies, mentally disabled, and Russian prisoners … Continue reading “Russian Ethnic Cleansing: Assisted by the United States”

Wait For Me, And I’ll Come Back

The most interesting thing that war brings is the need for romance and love when it seems unreachable. Poems, songs and movies all brought forward a surge of romance that was needed for the dying population of the Soviet Union. Many couples that were ripped in two relied on poems such as Wait For Me […]

Stubborn Finnish Resistance

Source: Winter War Artillery   Before the Soviets were invaded by the Germans in the Second World War, they held a border treaty of sorts with their Finnish neighbors, and were cooperating in good faith to keep this treaty intact. When Soviet leaders and intelligence suggested that they would likely be involved in conflict with the […]

Hero’s “Welcome”

Typically when soldiers return to their home country after a destructive war, they are met with cheers and excitement. Unfortunately, after World War II, the Soviet soldiers returned to a country that had been demolished and a population that had lost millions. The war had destroyed “1,700 towns, 70,000 villages, 30,000 factories, and 65,000 kilometers […]